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Tandem flights

Paragliding, for its simplicity, is the perfect way to experience the thrill of flying. Our professional pilots will accompany you on a journey of emotions and sensations that only flying can give. You may have tears of joy so bring some tissues with you.


We take safety seriously. Thanks to our innovative flight preparations and mastered procedures, we guarantee maximum comfort and peace of mind for each and every flight.

Safe take off

First and foremost, safety is related to the selection of the flight zone. The perfect take-off area must be spacious, free from trees and have the right slope. We will take you the best end most comfortable sites, that respond to these parameters.


Everyone is unique and we will cater to everyone’s experience to fly. We will be glad to adjust the type of flight and maneuvers based on your own wishes and what you want to experience. Together we will choose the flight level suitable for you. Once in flight, you will experience the thrill of piloting yourself. In addition to emotions, the flight can make you experience unique physical sensations; otherwise impossible to feel when our feet are on the ground. This unique emotional and physical sensation will be an unforgettable life experience. You will be able to check this off your bucket list.


We tend to spontaneously share our wealth. For a day, you are most welcome to enter our world.
In a simple way, we want to share the principles of flight, show our equipment and respond to any of your questions.
We wish you to feel as if you always had been part of the wonderful world of paragliding and look forward to sharing in all phases of the flight and its preparation.

As you will have understood by now, flying with us is not only a matter of taking off and landing. It is about the joy of sharing our world with you.